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Eating and Drinking


The Taverna. The Kafenion

Simply feel good all around: Of course, this also includes good food and drink! That's why the Kafenion, the café-house, the tavern is at the heart of "O Mikros Kosmos".

Decide where you would prefer to enjoy yourself: You can view the landscape from inside through large windows - or take a seat outside.

A forecourt with typical Cretan chairs and tables invites you to eat and drink in the open air. And what better place to sit sheltered than under the branches and twigs of the largest and oldest olive tree of "O Mikros Kosmos"?


The Breakfast

The day starts in the "O Mikros Kosmos" with a breakfast that is just as varied, colorful and diverse as the surrounding landscape. A rich buffet offers cold and warm, freshly prepared specialties from the region, with tea and coffee drinks prepared to order. An enjoyable start to a long day on Crete.


The Dinner

Every evening (except Sundays), the café is transformed into a cretan tavern.

Since March 2024, our chef Elizavet has been preparing different dishes every evening exclusively for guests of the "Kleine Welt": she is a specialist in Cretan cuisine who bases her cooking on traditional recipes, develops them further and also wants to inspire, surprise and impress our guests with her love of experimentation.


Be curious and enjoy Elizavet's specialties!

Here you can find out more about Elizavet's Cretan Cooking (click on the picture):

In addition to a selection of Greek beers and soft drinks from the region, we offer a selection of excellent Cretan organic wines from the renowned Zacharioudakis winery to accompany the special dinner.

Throughout the day, the taverna, the café is both a meeting place for all guests of "O Mikros Kosmos" who want to share their being here with other guests, as well as a cozy place to enjoy Cretan existence.

Und bis in die Nacht hinein gibt es ein reichhaltiges Getränkeangebot: Dazu gehören auch Weine aus der Umgebung und griechisches Bier.

A place to relax. To relax and recharge your batteries.
For experiencing and learning. For catching your breath and absorbing.

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