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Walking Around and Feeling Good

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The Gardens and Paths


The bungalows of "O Mikros Kosmos" stand amidst ancient olive trees, each visibly marked by its history.

Some trees are many hundreds of years old, and each tree has developed its own personality over the centuries, to which all those who once inhabited or managed this property have also contributed. Thus, each tree tells its own story to all who want to hear it.

These olive trees invite you to take a seat under them, to enjoy their shade in summer, to listen to the birds in winter - and to let yourself be captured by the special atmosphere of these ancient trees of our culture at any time of the year.

Three areas on the property, densely overgrown with agaves and their over eight meter high inflorescences, look like exotic islands. These are islands to marvel at and dream about.

Paved paths and nature trails lead through the "Little World" and invite you to take relaxing little walks through the landscapes and linger. Those who want more views can hike a small hill overlooking ο μικρός κόσμος: the view extends over olive groves, neighboring villages to the Psiloritis Mountains or the Paximadia Islands on the Libyan Sea. And from here (or from the pool, for example) the magnificent starry sky over Crete can be viewed.

If you want to take your time, you will discover many friendly animals at all times of the year, who live here or use the "Small World" as a temporary residence - like the other guests who stay here and enjoy the existence.


The Spa House and the Pool

In the "Small World" there is an approximately one hundred square meter L-shaped pool, which can be used all year round. There are no closing times: day and night you can enjoy yourself in the (almost chlorine-free) salt water. Here you seem to be able to swim into an olive grove...

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The pool environment invites you to linger with pleasure. Here, no one has to reserve sunbeds in advance: There is plenty of space and privacy for all guests.

The spa house houses sheltered, covered lounging areas and a cozy sauna for cool days and evenings. Showers and the small sauna garden located behind the house enhance the feel-good experience.

"Clothing Optional": Swimming in the pool is allowed (but not required) without swimwear.


A place to relax and recharge your batteries.
To experience and to catch your breath and absorb.

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