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we think and do "o mikros Kosmos"

Your hosts are introducing themselves:

Madeleine Ruggli Schüssler...

Madeleine Ruggli

... worked as a radio presenter and journalist before studying singing, music theory and composition. As a freelance composer as well as a lecturer for music theory, music history, song composition at Swiss universities, she took special pleasure in successfully inspiring students and interested people for complex musical issues. - Continuous learning and teaching, which has to be adapted over and over again, are life contents for her, for which she is passionately committed.

She has found her adopted home in the south of Crete and is looking forward to meeting interesting people in "o mikros kosmos" and to being their host with a lot of contagious joie de vivre.

Dr. Martin Schüssler...

Martin Schüssler

... born and raised in Hamburg, studied musicology and modern history in Tübingen and Berlin. In connection with his dissertation in the field of "exile research" he traveled a lot and worked for some time in Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, among others. Throughout his life he has been committed to the communication of knowledge, especially in the field of art. He has worked as a music publisher's editor, music journalist, dramaturge, lecturer, and director for teaching and learning at a Swiss university.

He has been traveling to Greece since he was 6 years old - now finally he is not only there on vacation, but lives on Crete. Here he would like to host with the project "o mikros kosmos" and is looking forward to meetings with curious, open-minded, pleasure-loving people.

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