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Living and being


The Bungalows

The guest bungalows are nestled in an old olive grove. They are comfortably furnished and offer plenty of space for one or two guests* – indoors and outdoors.

The architecture of the bungalows is intended to create the impression of a "flowing transition" between indoors and outdoors:

All bungalows have sliding glass doors to the terrace side, allowing an unobstructed view of nature and transition to the outdoors on the terrace. Overhanging roofs provide protection against sun and rain and convey a cozy feeling of space even outside.

"Glass corners" contribute to the weightless, light impression of the bungalows and allow more spacious perspectives to the outside.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the rooms and on the entire premises.

* Another bungalow is furnished for up to four adult guests (two living/bedrooms, one bathroom).


A place to relax and recharge your batteries.
To experience and to catch your breath and absorb.

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