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Learning and Living

The Seminars

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"O Mikros Kosmos" is at any time a place of relaxation, recreation and absorption of strength, and it also offers opportunities to stimulate not only the body but also the mind. Because culture is food for the soul.

Mostly between November and March, "O Mikros Kosmos" hosts cultural events and seminars on a wide variety of topics. There are courses on Greek culture and history, but also seminars with other, non-regional content: The program includes courses on music, literature and theater, dance and movement courses, drawing and painting courses, as well as language classes.

Taverne O Mikros Kosmos

The lecturers will be specialists in their field, who also have experience in the training and further education of adults.

All seminar programs are accompanied by social programs (excursions, cultural events), which complement and round off the stay in the "O Mikros Kosmos" in a special way.

Crete experience in a different way.

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Learning is good. Absorbing knowledge, imparting experiences is valuable.

A stay in "O Mikros Kosmos" helps to strengthen the experience of new things and connects with a deep well-being.

The first seminar program will be published in December 2022.

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The Seminar Locations

A seminar house with library is available for events with up to 40 people: Various facilities are possible on an area of about 70 square meters.

Next to the seminar house there is a small garden, which can be used by seminar guests.

The seminar house can also be booked by external organizers of seminars, conferences, further education and meetings for their own events, if necessary also with full board.

"O Mikros Kosmos" is also suitable for rehearsal phases of music ensembles: In this seminar house there is a concert grand piano (Steingraeber & Söhne).

Seminarhaus o mikros kosmos
Licht Seminarhaus o mikros kosmos
Konzertflügel o mikros kosmos
Bibliothek o mikros kosmos

A second house is available for courses with 4 to 8 participants: This room of about 35 square meters is also equipped with a kitchen (with cooking island) and is therefore particularly suitable for holding cooking courses.

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The Excursions

We love "our" Crete, and with pleasure we show the island - to all guests who are temporarily at home in "O Mikros Kosmos".

Kräutergarten O Mikros Kosmos
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Of course, we provide tips for activities on the island: for all guests who prefer to travel independently by rental car, bicycle or on foot.

Venezianische Brücke O Mikros Kosmos

We give maps to the travelers of Crete and also have individual tours "electronically signposted".

Ausflüge O Mikros Kosmos

But very gladly we undertake excursions together with our guests. We offer tours by minibus and / or on foot, visiting attractions, sights and special oddities in the near and far surroundings of "O Mikros Kosmos".

Wanderungen O Mikros Kosmos
Kofinas O Mikros Kosmos

On excursions from two hours duration up to a full day trip, there is a lot to discover, and we are sure: These are varied short trips for our guests, on which, in addition to more well-known destinations, we also head for special places that are not on the list of even routine Crete tourists.

And because we conduct our excursions only in small groups, we can cater to the special interests of our fellow travelers.


A place to relax and recharge your batteries.
To experience and to catch your breath and absorb

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