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Here you can leave us a message if you want to contact us.


If you have further questions about our project.

If you are interested in our seminars.

If you have any suggestions about the topics of seminars or perhaps would like to offer seminars yourself.

If you have booking inquiries or specific inquiries about a booking.

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Responsible, contact and address:

Madeleine Ruggli Schüssler

Dr. Martin Schüssler

Ο μικρός κόσμος - O Mikros Kosmos

Κόκκινος Χάρακας - Kokkinos Harakas

Τ.Θ. 130 - Post Box 130

70200 Σιβας - Sivas

Ελλαδα - Greece

Fix: +30 28112 17232

Mobile: +30 69 894 884 26

Privacy policy can be found here.

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