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"O Mikros Kosmos" is located in the central south of Crete, in the western part of the Messara Plain, district of Heraklion, municipality of Faistos, between the villages of Sivas and Pitsidia.

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How to reach...?

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"O Mikros Kosmos" can be reached by car from the island's capital Heraklion (airport, port) in 50 to 70 minutes.

From April to November there are direct flights from all major airports in Central Europe to Heraklion - flight times between 2.5 and 3.5 hours.

Throughout the year there are connections flights mostly via Athens to Heraklion (total flight time from 4.5 hours).

We are happy to assist our guests in finding good and cheap flights and, if desired, we can also take care of the flight booking.

If you want to arrive in Crete by boat, you usually take the ferry from Piraeus (ANEK or MINOAN) to Heraklion overnight, in summer connections are also possible during the day. Travel times are between 7 and 10 hours. Other ferries connections are possible from Santorini, Rhodos and some other islands.

We are happy to arrange rental cars (reliable regional car rental with safe, well-maintained cars). The rental cars can be taken over both at the airport and directly in the "Mikros Kosmos".

And for those who want to travel comfortably to the "O Mikros Kosmos": We also offer a pick-up service with our own hotel bus from Heraklion airport or from the ferry port directly to "O Mikros Kosmos" (by arrangement)!

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How warm or cold...?

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Crete is an island where a stay is worthwhile at any time of the year. In the central south of Crete, where "O Mikros Kosmos" is located, it is usually a few degrees warmer than in the north – and above all much drier. South Crete is the region with the most hours of sunshine in Europe.


The summer months are reliably sunny, it is constantly warm, in July and August there are heat days in the south of Crete with temperatures above 35 degrees, at night it becomes pleasantly cool, but always remains warm above 20 degrees. The Libyan Sea does not bring a cold shock: water temperatures are between 25 and 28 degrees. Although it is possible to go hiking in the cooler mountain landscapes and, of course, to go exploring - the height of summer, however, is more suitable for less exercise-intensive vacations, instead for resting, enjoying and for smaller excursions.

Pleasant temperatures above the 20 degree mark are common until November. This is the time for active vacations: for cycling, hiking, looking at villages and towns - but the weather also guarantees a pleasant setting for quiet enjoyment. And the sea still has pleasant bathing temperatures.

In December, a kind of pre-spring begins: with the first rains, Crete becomes colorful. Everywhere it blooms and greens lushly.

January and February are the rainiest months on Crete. However, it very rarely rains all day: Most of the time it is short downpours - and the fact that the sun doesn't shine at all for a day hardly ever happens.

In March, the real spring begins. Even if the sea is still quite fresh for bathing, you can enjoy the sun and warmth here, even if you are a winter-ridden Central European.

"O Mikros Kosmos" is also located in a region where the climate is much milder than in the surrounding area: in winter it is often a few degrees higher than in other parts of the Messara Plain, and in summer a few degrees cooler: locals swear that this is the healthiest climate in all of Crete!

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And all around...?

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Not only climatically "O Mikros Kosmos" is favorably situated. It is located near the towns of Sivas, Pitsidia and Kamilari - Sivas can be easily reached on foot. In all places there are a lot of very good taverns with varied Cretan cuisine, many of them are open all year round.

A few kilometers away, Matala, the legendary "hippie town" of the 60s and 70s with its rock caves, is a small, friendly tourist hotspot: if you get tired of the quiet, you can even enjoy the nightlife here.

The small town of Mires, the main town in the Messara Plain, offers everything needed for everyday life - and much more besides. Here is also a small hospital, there are pharmacies and doctors. Worthwhile: Every Saturday, the largest open market in Crete takes place in Mires.

Walks and hikes can be taken directly from "O Mikros Kosmos". In the immediate vicinity there are other possibilities for shorter and more extended hikes: For example, the "Sacred Gorge" leads to the southernmost point of Crete (and thus Europe). The Psiloritis mountains, up to 2500 meters high, snow-covered on the peaks in winter and spring, offer a rich hiking landscape with marked trails - we are happy to give tips on which tours are particularly worthwhile.

"O Mikros Kosmos" is also ideally located as a starting point for bike tours. Six bicycles are provided!

One of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Komos, can be reached in half an hour on foot or in about 10 minutes by bike - or by rental car in a few minutes. For those who don't want to drive themselves: the hotel bus drives (on appointment) to the beach of Komos and picks up the guests again.

The famous (nude) beach "Red Beach" is also not far from the hotel.

Evidence of Minoan culture for those interested in archaeology is very close: the famous Minoan palace of Phaistos is not far away, even closer are the Minoan port facilities of Komos. The excavations of Gortyna are very close: Here you can look over the shoulders of archaeologists at work.

Here you can find photos of the surroundings of "O Mikros Kosmos"!


A place to relax and recharge your batteries.
To experience and to catch your breath and absorb.

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