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O Mikros Kosmos
The comfortable Hotel in the Olive Grove

Welcome !


In the south of Crete, nestled in an olive grove, secluded yet not far from idyllic villages, surrounded by lovely landscapes and not far from rugged mountains, close to the most beautiful beaches of the island, a cozy, comfortable, small bungalow hotel for adults has been created - with plenty of space for privacy and togetherness:


The Cretan B&B hotel resort for guests 18 years and older. Open all year round.


This is "O Mikros Kosmos":


Eleven large, bright, well-equipped bungalows for one, two or four people, comfortable to live in at any time of the year, with terrace, plenty of space outside and inside, privacy, "own olive tree". One bungalow is wheelchair accessible.


A pool of about 100sqm with sunbathing areas around it, integrated into the landscape.


A spa house with sauna and a sauna garden.


A "meeting place" under an old olive tree, next to it the café.


Many small paths lead on the spacious property to various gardens and vantage points with landscaped places to sit and enjoy, to view the diverse landscape of the "Small World" from very different perspectives and to experience it with all the senses.

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Ο μικρός κόσμος - This "Small World" offers everything it takes for an enjoyable and intensely experienced stay.

The name also refers to the scenic diversity that the "O Mikros Kosmos" offers in all seasons.

Here the guests should feel good all around.


"O Mikros Kosmos" offers enough privacy for everyone, but there are also many spaces and places that invite for communication. 

This is a magical, natural landscape in "O Mikros Kosmos" - a landscape where thoughts can flow and time loses its structure. Here the body and mind can breathe, rest, relax and calmly concentrate on new things.

The hosts of ο μικρός κόσμος look forward to welcoming you to the "Small World"!

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Adults Only

"O Mikros Kosmos" is a hotel resort for adults - for solo travelers, couples, girlfriends and friends: for all adventurous, peace-seeking, pleasure-loving from 18 years.

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Comfort and ecology


Luxury offers "O Mikros Kosmos" in the space given to each and every individual. This means not only the size of the bungalows, but also the spaces that each guest can find for themselves on the large grounds. But luxury is also found in the comfortable furnishings of its bungalows, which blend into the landscape without detracting from it.

Luxury is also found in the possibilities of being in the "O Mikros Kosmos", with the most beautiful conditions for consciously experiencing "time out", enjoying it and - whoever wants to - also creating it together.


Construction method, materials, positioning of bungalows: In the design and construction of the complex, emphasis was placed on ecological building.

All bungalows were positioned so that not a single olive tree had to be cut down.

The energy required in "O Mikros Kosmos" is generated with its own photovoltaic system, positioned on the parking lot roof. Water is heated with solar collectors.

Used water is treated and used for watering the plants.

In the garden only plants are found, which can also be found in the surrounding area.

The beds with their special mattresses and overlays (coco-mat®) and almost all textiles used are made of renewable raw materials and manufactured in Greece.

A sensible economy in the use of resources, without compromising the well-being of the guests, and a careful coexistence with the surrounding nature is a matter of course in "O Mikros Kosmos".


Here you can find an overview plan.

And here the hosts introduce themselves.


A place to relax and recharge your batteries.
To experience and to catch your breath and absorb.

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